CROSSOVER // Christian Rigal bringing his BMX vision to MTB

Not since Hammer Time has MTB experienced such a BMX inspired outlook on big wheels. Christian Rigal is a man of many talents and Five Ten is backing his creative visions to the nines.

Crossover is a burly mix of home built and awesome sculpted dirt action, making for some epic viewing. And more than a lil inspiring for many to go out and build your own! Some awesome lines all captured by long time friend and fellow BMX shredder Darryl Tocco.

What started as a blank canvas on a friend’s property quickly turned into a BMX inspired MTB zone. Using an old Church foundation from 1876 as our centerpiece, we went to work for 9 days on the tools and machines to make this crossover dream build a reality. Five Ten let me run wild with this and I can’t thank them enough for trusting me and my vision for this project. Opportunities like this are rare and I am stoked to have had the chance to bring some of these crazy ideas to life, and hoping it inspire others to look at things differently and do the same! – Christian Rigal