Becoming part of the mag or website is easy, and making it easier for us is simple. [R]evolution is all about the Australian MTB experience so the more perspectives on what we know and love is essential, meaning the more crew we got onboard, the better the mag and website will be.

So get in contact with us! Let us know what you’re thinking about, what your big idea is or rant on about how good those new photos are. Once we know what you’re up to we can see how to fit it into a coming issue or onto the site.One thing that won’t help you getting shots published in [R]evolution or anywhere is sending shots or stories to multiple mags. We don’t want shots that are going to turn up in another mag. Simple. Same goes for photos that have been doing the rounds of social media. We dig rocking stuff first, exclusive and showcasing it to the world.

[R]evolution prides itself on paying everyone who contributes to the magazine, we’ve done it from the start and it ain’t about to change. Too often publishers burn those who make the mag possible.

As for the site, if you’ve got a web edit you’d like featured, let us know and if we’re diggin it, we’ll get it up and out to the riders of Australia.

All up pretty simple eh? For more info, click here.

To contribute to the magazine or website get in touch: