[R]eviewed Commencal Meta Power TR 2024

Those of you that have been keeping up to date with the [R]evolution content of late being our printed magazine, YouTube Channel, Website and our social media platforms, would no doubt be aware that over the last few years we have been doing a bunch on kilometres aboard a broad range of e-MTB’s. One brand we’ve been working with a lot over the years has been Commencal Bikes.

Reviewers // Scotty Prendergast, Matty Staggs and Blake Nielson  Photos // Matt Staggs

To be honest this brand has become a bit of a fan favourite amongst the test team at [R]evolution Headquarters, these all-alloy beasts never cease to amaze when it comes to good looks, ride quality and performance so it was exiting to see where the new power TR would stack up against the fleet of other bikes we’ve had on test lately.

When the crew from Commencal Australia recently swung us a brand new Commencal Meta Power TR, they didn’t just send us one they sent us two, they also swung the man behind the Lens Matty Staggs another one. So, the brains trust at [R]evolution Headquarters had a thought bubble in the sense that Scotty, Blake and Matt all have the same bike, so we thought let’s collect all the data on what each person thinks about the bike and put it together as a bit of a collective bike review, from a few perspectives as all these riders have their own unique style and setup when it comes to e-Bikes. 

3 riders reviewing 1 bike? Sounds like a cool concept. Let’s go – first up can you guys break down a few of the key features about this bike? Let’s start with the motor. What you got?

This bike we tested was all the same specifications yet in different frame sizes, the heart and soul of this model would have to be the all-new Bosch Performance CX motor which has already proven to be very quiet, adjustable with multiple torque settings along with having a reputation for being super reliable.  Under power, this motor provides a very consistent feel power output under load with very smooth power delivery that provides consistent torque at a variety of cadence levels including under maximum power output which is very impressive.  This motor has been a go to motor amongst a lot of bike companies due to its quality and performance, so it wasn’t a surprise when Commencal Bikes have opted for the Bosch motor to compliment this whip.

Some other cool features we should discuss are the 4-torque power functions which consist of an ‘ECO’ or economy setting for those longer rides.  The ‘TOUR’ setting which gives you a little more assistance yet is regulated to assist in a way that provides the rider with a more natural feel akin to your non-aspirated bikes.  The 3rd setting is the e-MTB’ setting which again provides a bit more torque which is a bit more intuitive with the rider’s cadence and power output. Then there is ‘TURBO’ mode which obviously produces that maximum power and torque for those super fun shorter sessions.  Another cool feature which you may have heard us talking about previously with our Bosch CX motor review is the e-Bike Flow blue tooth application.  This can be downloaded to your phone and paired with your bike once turned on. Trust us when we say this application is super easy to use and unlocks a ton of features to really customise your power settings along with recording your rides. You can also download software updates to pair with other applications if you want to keep a detailed log of your bike ride, if that’s your thing! 

Righto, any other unique little features about this motor and how it functions that we should know about? 

Sure, a couple of other key components we should mention are the integrated ‘PowerTube’ 625wh battery. Sure, this may seem on the smaller side of battery sizes but there are some good benefits as it keeps the weight down improving ride quality and performance.  The quality of these batteries are second to none, they are very economical and as a matter of fact you don’t burn through the battery life as quick as some of the larger batteries on the market.  Not only that, we found this battery was super quick to charge so you’re not waiting around too long if you want to get back out onto the trails. To put it in layman’s terms we’ve done some super long sessions aboard this bike, 50km plus and in excess of 1500 metres of elevation and still came home with power. 

Sure, we would change the torque’s setting throughout the ride but who doesn’t? Even though it’s a smaller battery we found battery life was never really an issue that came to mind. 

The interface control system is integrated into the top tube of the frame and provides a live display of battery life and the power setting you’re riding in. It also has an on/off switch integrated into this control system.  There is also a very neat power shift controller which runs via Bluetooth (So no extra cables) which sits neatly next to your left-hand grip so you can easily sift power functions as you ride.  This all amounts to a very functional, reliable and minimalist looking cockpit. Oh yeah, this bike also runs a ‘Hill Hold’ assist function which prevents the bike from rolling backwards down the hill when riding slow or stopped and it also runs a ‘Smart Walk’ assist function to help you push the bike up tricky terrain with minimal effort.   

So where does this bike fit into the lineup say in comparison to the META SX? 

The Meta SX is more of a heavy hitter which runs MX wheels, 165mm of rear wheel travel and a 170mm fork. The TR pumps out 160mm of fork travel which is complimented by a 140mm of rear end travel, along with 29inch wheels front a rear. This bike is also a little lighter yet still fully powered at 85nm of torque. But based on the angles / geometry of this bike we believe Blake summed it up perfectly when he said, “It is more like a smaller travel enduro bike.” We would all have to agree with that statement, this thing is designed to ride in a bit more of an angry fashion than a trail bike, yet something you still want to ride all day long. 

Along with Commencal’s pleather of mountain bikes the META POWER TR is available in 4 frame sizes from small to XL, and just like many of their bikes you can buy this thing in several build options depending on what you like, or go for a frame only and opt for their ‘a la carte’ build where you can basically select the components you want. You can order any of their bikes either online, at your local bike shop or Commencal dealer or go and see the crew at Commencal direct and go from there. This bike also comes with a flip chip for that addended adjustability, by just running through some basic numbers such as its 64- or 63.6-degree head tube angle or its 77.1 or 77.5 seat tube angle you can see it’s built to handle the aggressive side of riding, remain playful for an e-Bike, yet be a bike you can spend hours in the saddle. 

All good, so give us a bit of the low down on your test bikes and how they performed on the trails? 

Okay, so as aforementioned there are a ton of options when it comes to components.  The bike Matt, Blake and Scott all tested came spec’d with some cool features that included an Ohlin’s suspension platform (TTX22 air shock – RXF36 Fork), DT 1700 wheels with DT 350 hubs, a full Shimano XT Drive Chain, XT brakes, ODI grips, Ride Alpha Stem and Bars and of course the Bosch CX motor. Even though we all ran the same bike there is always some subtle differences in bike set ups, for example Blake tends to run his bike a bit softer and livelier than Scott who prefers a firmer and more planted feeling bike. With that said the team’s overall views with this bike were rather similar.

It doesn’t feel like a 140mm rear end, those angles and bigger wheels made for an e-Bike that still loved the chunder and was surprisingly playful for a big wheel setup.”

Scotty Predergast

So, after some detailed chin wags over some beers with the crew they all described this bike as a bike for everyone. This is your do it all go everywhere and have a lot of fun style e-MTB! Sure, if you’re into the heavier lines the Meta SX maybe your flavour. This bike however was super capable, cornered great and was super supple on the light stuff yet rowdy but confident on the bigger lines. If you’re the type of person who loves to go up and do some self-shuttles DH runs, this bike can do it, no worries! If you want to go cut some laps in the bike park, smack some berms and jumps and you want a full powered e-Bike that is still reasonably light and nimble, the TR has you covered in that department, no worries!! Or if you want to head out for an all-day adventure and just enjoy the trails, this bike is super comfortable to ride all day long, NO WORRIES!

It’s sick, I love it!”

Matt Staggs

All the crew at [R]evo have been absolutely thrashing their TR’s from DH runs, XC rides, corners, bumps, jumps and booters and the genuine consensus with the whole tribe is that, if you are the type of shredder who wants a fantastic looking bike, no nonsense, jack of all trades style e-MTB, trust us when we say the Meta Power TR should be a bike that you strongly consider. [R]