[R]eviewed // Fox Dropframe Pro

Fox’s design concept with the Dropframe was to create an MTB helmet that provides the absolute maximum level of protection coverage without having a chinbar. The original Dropframe was released a couple of years ago and whilst it definitely did live up to the promise of offering loads of coverage, it was a little bare on the additional features list and its shape didn’t fit comfortably on everyone’s head.

Fresh for 2024 Fox are looking to up the ante with a completely redesigned ‘new’ Dropframe which is called the Pro model. Style wise it has been widely commented on that the new Dropframe Pro looks far more appealing than the somewhat polarising ‘boxy’ shape of the original Dropframe. The Pro model also comes out swinging with a long list of features aiming to provide the perfect ‘fit’ and functionality.

Our man Blake has been putting the new Dropframe Pro to the test out on the trails for the past few months. Interestingly, Blake also owned an original Dropframe which he’s used since it was first released, and he used to speak quite highly of that helmet. So, how does the new Pro model compare to the original? Let’s find out.

To begin with can you run us through some of the key features and updates that Fox have put into the new Dropframe Pro?

The “Pro” treatment that the Dropframe has received has impacted just about every aspect of the helmet. Starting from the inside, the Pro model features an adjustable fitment taken care of by a BOA dial on the back of the helmet, making for a snug fit around the whole circumference of your head, rather than just pulling the helmet backward on your head like conventional adjusters. From the inside out there is a substantial increase in the vents throughout the helmet, making for a cool-cool ride in the hottest conditions. Visually my biggest gripe with the old helmet was the visor.  The Pro version has no similarities to the previous version. It is fully adjustable and looks the part too.

Obviously, the entire point of any helmet is to protect a rider’s head – what are some of the safety features within this lid?

The Dropframe Pro incorporates the latest version of everyone’s favourite MIPS system, which is super effective yet doesn’t take away from the comfort levels in the slightest. Fox have used their favourite FIDLOCK magnetic chin strap buckle to keep things comfortable and quick in that respect.

What’s the weight of the helmet like?

With such a good fit and feel, the added weight over a standard open face helmet feels negligible to say the least, I almost exclusively wear my Dropframe Pro with goggles too, which takes away any added weight feeling because the helmet rests on the top of the goggles.  There is no added bulk factor to the Dropframe Pro experience.

How have Fox addressed some of the ‘fit’ issues that the original Dropframe seemed to have for some riders?

Absolutely, the combination of the new shell shape and the inclusion of the BOA retention system make for a super snug and comfortable feeling helmet. It has also taken away any feeling of the helmet wanting to fall down over your eyes if you aren’t running goggles with it, which was an issue for me at least with the previous version.

Compared to the original Dropframe helmet, how much different does the new helmet feel whilst you’re wearing it?

As a good helmet should, you hardly feel it at all! A massive advantage to the BOA retention system as they say it hugs your head to make for a comfortable fit. The internal face of the helmet where the padding mounts to has quite a low contact area too, which is another reason, on top of all the cooling vents, as to why.

How would you rate the ‘comfort’ of the Dropframe Pro on a scale of 1 – 10?

Mmm I’d say this helmet scores an 8.5 out of 10. The only thing taking away from the overall experience for me is a little bit of interference between the BOA adjustment rope & the top of my ear, more noticeable when putting the helmet on and taking it off than anything. Outside of that, just like all Fox helmets, it is super comfortable and cool on those hot days!

In terms of ventilation and airflow how have you found this lid?

Well in the same vein as the Proframe RS remodel, the Dropframe Pro is one of the coolest full protection helmets I’ve ever worn, you won’t be stressing about overheating on hot summer days. It’s not only the number of vents, but the shape and the way that they channel cool air onto your head and then out of the rear of the head, a full ventilation system.

Tell us a bit about the visor that the Dropframe Pro is sporting?

The remodel has seen the addition of the adjustable visor that is basically the same as the Proframe RS, super stylish and tun-able to the rider’s preference of angle. There is also a Go-Pro mount that comes with the helmet that is a really nice touch on Fox’s behalf!

Now that you’ve used it for a couple of months what are some of the benefits that you’ve found wearing this helmet offers compared to a traditional ‘open face’ helmet or a ‘full face’ helmet?

The addition of some extra protection on the back of your head on an open face helmet, or the extra room to breathe compared to a full face helmet.  Regardless of which way you want to look at it the Dropframe Pro is the perfect middle ground for the hardcore trail rider or enduro who wants the best of both worlds.

Final thoughts on the new Dropframe Pro? 

Honestly I’m a massive fan of the half cut helmet and Fox have definitely put themselves in to the hot seat amongst all their competitors in this style of helmet. I was very hopeful that the redesign wasn’t too far away and when I got my pre-release helmet, I was over the moon with the new features and aesthetics overall. More protection over a standard open shell with no real compromises, what’s not to love?! [R]