Escape, eBike style with MTB legend Timo Pritzel

We all know the feeling of being stuck in the hamster wheel and staring at the phone…

“We are not in balance and get triggered easily and think we don’t have time to see the nature or do something good for ourself… instead we often stare at the phone even longer and waste our quality time… . So do not use the excuse of the not having time… just cut something of the 2-3 hours “mostly waste” daily people have these days from their Phone & Screen ! Specially in these times we are living in where many people have stress and difficulties with new Situations in the world happening. …”

–  Timo Pritzel

You don’t need an E- Bike to do that but it sure helps when you don’t have much time after a long day of working but would love to see the sunset on top of the mountain.

Good to see Timo filming around Innsbruck with his long time BMX friend from Hans Friedrich