It’s getting hot in FNQ. Cairns Word Championships kicks off!

Well Mountain Bike World Championships has finally returned to the tropical shores of Cairns for the first time since 1996 – 2 years before my time!

The first day of downhill practice was nothing but a dust bowl, it seems like a replica of Crankworx just a few weeks ago. Clear skies let the sun throw down its full force on the Aussie jungle, baking any patch of skin left uncovered.

Throwing back to the past we saw Paul Van Der Ploeg chasing down Sam Hill for the course preview run. While Sam has come back to downhill for this race only, Vandy hasn’t been on a downhill bike for years and was quite scared the whole way down.

There’s endless of custom bikes and kits this year as riders want to show of their national colours – stay tuned for a more in depth look at some of the bikes!