Beyond the Bike: Anne-Caroline Chausson

Anne-Caroline Chausson should need no introduction. The most winningest rider in MTB. Ever. 19 World Championship Titles. Dominant in DH for so long and by so far, her times had her in the top 10-20 elite mens DH fields. Pretty sure she ran a time 30 seconds faster than me on the Cairns World Champs track back in the day. Incredible skills.  Her story on the bike is one of legend, yet her new story is one that all too many of will have to face in some shape or form and one that runs so close to home for us at Revolution. Her race against the clock became so personal, tackling the incredibly brutal elements of cancer treatment, both surgeries and chemotherapy. Her drive and energy is pretty incredible, inspiring to say the least. To see her back on the bike at world class level a testament to her passion for both riding and life. While nothing in cancer treatment is ever black and white, all is looking good so far, and her win in an EWS is definitely a sign that she is destined for the top step of the podium for many years to come. We wish ACC all the best and a long life ahead!

This story runs close to home.