Bryn Atkinson at 1000fps = Epic Styles!

Phantom of the Optic indeed! Well a Phantom camera and Bryn on his 2020 Optic lets us see just how much style Bryn rolls with.

“I’ve spent the past few years watching videos of Bryn riding, mind blown from watching him corner and dissect trails at warp speed. He’s been on my list of riders to work with for years now, so I was stoked when the opportunity finally came with the launch of the new Norco Optic. Our concept for the video revolved around the idea of breaking down Bryn’s thought process while riding (this was done with a healthy dose of inspiration from Guy Richie’s Sherlock Holmes movies). Visually, we couldn’t have shown what was happening without some extreme slow motion and this was accomplished with the use of a Phantom Veo camera. The Veo is a beast – it shoots 1,000 frames per second in 4k resolution. We rented it from Los Angeles and flew it up with Phantom technician ‘Slow Mo’ Shawn Sanders.

Scott Secco, Director

Produced by Bryn Atkinson, and created by Scott Secco with help from Matty Miles, Shawn Sanders, Tom Richards and Jill Kintner.