Anthill Films are no stranger to trying new techniques to capture iconic images of mountain biking. Armed with more Action-cams than they could possibly use and Cam McCaul’s creative riding style and laid back humour, they took to the trails of the Blackrock Bike Park to try some ideas they’d been scheming up.

Far from their fancy, full production shoots with some of the best camera equipment in the business,  sometimes the simplest tools allow for the most creativity and experimentation. Using Sony’s ultra capable Action Cam allowed them to pull-off some techniques that they’d had envisioned, but till now not pulled off. Like the seamless POV to cable cam sequence which is rad to say the least.

“The goal was to keep it simple, to go somewhere local and try ideas that were unique to us”

Colin Jones, Partner and Director with Anthill Films

Cam McCaul shredding trails and Uncle Acid? Win, Win! And lets just say we’re looking forward to what these techniques bring in future Anthill productions… Check out the behind the scenes footage for an insight into how it all happened.