Two Wheels. Hold on. Go fast. MTB and moto share many skill sets and feelings, and as such, there’s more than a few cross over athletes. From Shaun Palmer trying his hand in moto after his short, but illustrious DH career, to the likes of Aaron Gwin and Greg Minnaar who both moved from moto to DH glory. The list goes on, and on. Be it for training or just for fun, crossing over to the other medium has many benefits, which both camps are rapidly realising. John Tomac and Brian Lopes opening the eyes of the pro motocross ranks in terms of fitness and training, and then for MTBers in terms of learning how to hold speed through rough terrain, and basically hold on! So this little Husky piece is pretty rad, showcasing the likes of Phil Antwill and Danny Hart amongst others wringing the throttle and rolling trails, and even stopping to tell us how it all comes together. On a side note, we hear Toby Price is a weapon on a MTB and when his hectic Baja/Dakar schedule is done, we may just get him on some local [R]evo trails to find out….