You know it’s Friday arvo when you’re over work and checkin rad stuff counting down the minutes till the weekend party begins. So it goes without saying that while we’re MTB to the core, there’s a little bit of braaaap in our blood around here. So apologies to those that don’t dig moto, but, yeah, nah, apology retracted… In 1995, Jeremy McGrath headed to Castillo Ranch on his 1996 Honda CR250 to record a segment for Fox Racing’s film, Terrafirma 2. It became one of the most iconic segments with the then Supercross champ blazing his bike through the Ranch’s rolling hills and powered through laps on the Supercross track all to the soundtrack of Face to Face. I never worked out what made me dig that section more, the music or the riding?
Now, more than 20 years later, 23-year old Ken Roczen takes to the same ranch, on the same bike, wearing the same gear as McGrath did all those years ago. Fresh off of signing to a brand-new team in Factory Honda, Roczen pays tribute to the King of Supercross. Turn it up for the epic mix of Cali punk and 2-stroke goodness…