The weekend is almost here: So lets revisit Brandon Semenuk’s one-shot Unreal segment!

If there’s been a edit that defines how straight up f’n cool mountain biking is nowadays, it’s gotta be Brandon Semenuk’s one-shot UnReal segment. It’s a clip that motivates us that ride daily, and inspires and showcases those that don’t yet know the goodness that riding dirt brings. Filmed in one take from arriving to donning helmet, dropping in, swapping bikes and finishing the crazy slopestyle line flawlessly, it’s nothing but inspiration. You gotta remember Brandon was riding injured and only made it through the whole run once…. Making it look amazing was one hella wild gimbal camera rig that was mounted on a massive truck that drove down  purpose cut track next to the even more purpose cut slopestyle line. For more insight into the making of this legendary clip check the making of below.