Darkfest v6 ups the ante again with Tom Isted flipping a mental 37 meters…

Records tumble at Darkfest as mountain biker Tom Isted lands mega 37 meters (120-foot) backflip.

Freeride mountain bike festival Darkfest is no stranger to world records and the sixth year of the spectacle was no different. The invite-only event combines the most fearless freeriders with the biggest dirt jumps in the world and it delivered another unbelievable week of progressive tricks that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a mountain bike.

This year the crew constructed the longest dirt jump yet, measuring in at 110 feet to the sweet spot of the landing and UK rider Tom Isted took full advantage, backflipping his way into the history books not once, but twice…. His GoPro footage is nuts, and we’re hanging to see the full wrap video soon!