Darkfest 2023 Full Highlights Reel!

Press start, select your rider and prepare to enter a new realm of freeride.

24-minutes of non-stop sends, huge slams, video game-esque NBD tricks and the nuttiest haircuts captured over 5-days of absolute mayhem. Sam Reynolds and the crew have pushed the boundaries of freeride mountain biking even further than anyone could fathom in 2023.

Assembling one of the most legendary and diverse rider line ups of men and women in the game, unlocking the all new 110ft double and a record breaking 120ft backflip from Tom Isted. Sit back, strap in and absorb the definitive DarkFest 2023 experience.

Featured Riders: Sam Reynolds, Clemens Kaudela, Adolf Silva, Tom Isted, Ike Klaassen, Robin Goomes, Theo Erlangsen, Sam Hodgson, Vero Sandler, Kade Edwards, Kaos Seagrave, Bienvenido Aguado, Johny Salido, Harriet Burbidge-Smith, Nicholi Rogatkin, Kurtis Downs, Casey Brown, Daryl Brown, Vaea Verbeeck, Matt Jones, Chelsea Kimball, Tomas Lemoine Szymon Godziek, Daniel Ruso, Vinny Armstrong, Vincent Tupin, Paul Couderc, Andrew Neethling, Jack Schliemann, Reed Boggs & Matt MacDuff