Going big! The Minister feat. Clemens Kaudela is nuts!

This video is about something very special for Propain rider Clemens Kaudela: building and sending the biggest drop he has ever jumped to date in Utah.

The mission of the trip was simple: Go out to Utah, build a big drop, a big step up, and send it. Along with this, Clemens and the crew wanted to have some fun just discovering what´s there, ride, and film it.

I don’t know about you but I have always dreamt about riding in Utah ever since I saw a movie segment from New World Disorder 2 or 3 that has been shot there. That thought came along with daydreaming of building jumps there myself and filming them. It took me from 2004 until 2023 for it to actually happen. Therefore, I got extra excited when it was about time to get on an airplane and board to go en route to Utah.

Clemens Kaudela