If you were to pick one piece of MTB equipment that has redefined the drivetrain and engineering excellence all in one, it’d hard to pass up the new Eagle groupset. That incredible piece of metal (running 50 teeth on the biggest ring) at the heart of it all is a work of art. It’s gold coated teeth machined intricately from a single block of billet, a testament to the engineering excellence from the team responsible in Schweinfurt, Germany. Innovators from this city, located near-perfectly in the centre of Germany have brought us some products we now take for granted. The first precision ball-bearing, the first ball-bearing hub, the first freewheel and now, SRAM Eagle and the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain. The video above a worthy watch for the insight into just how much work goes into the bits and pieces we ride. Yep, it’s the cool-aid, but damn it’s done well.