Introducing the new ‘new’ Canyon Spectral :: On!

The previous generation of Canyon’s Spectral:On was so impressive that our test rider Blake, who reviewed the bike, ended up buying it because he simply didn’t want to stop riding it.

That bike was such a good ‘all round package’ it left us wondering, “what could they possibly improve on the next model”? Well, Canyon has answered that question with the new Spectral:On. A bigger battery, slightly more travel and a mullet setup means this bike looks serious, but has a heart set on partying. 

Canyon has engineered new 725 and 900Wh batteries to allow riders to ride for longer and have a tonne more fun. While you may be thinking these new batteries will weigh the bike down and lead to an uninspiring ride, the medium size with a 725Wh battery comes in at 21.5 kg; this rig will be as poppy and playful as ever.

The engineers at Canyon went above and beyond to redesign the frame so it would negate any sluggishness the extra battery capacity may lead to. They prevented the bike from feeling top-heavy by focusing on locating the extra weight low on the frame. A lower centre of mass increases confidence and allows the bike to be manoeuvred easily. Now riders can have more range and more fun on the new Spectral:On, a win/win in our eyes. 

Featuring a full carbon frame for the first time, without a motor or battery installed, the bare CF frame weighs only 3180g, and the CFR is a lightweight beast at 2880 grams. Focussing on stiffness and strength, every input from the rider will receive a direct and precise reaction from the bike. You can rest assured that when you punch runs on the roughest trails, the spectral on will take it all in its stride. 

The enhanced seat stay bridge and massive 15mm suspension pivots ensure silky smooth movement in the rear end, even under the hardest side loads and in the worst conditions. It also means that the rear end will always remain active under the extra torque and side loads often put through an e-bike.

When it comes to geometry, the new models reach has grown by 25mm on every size, the chainstays have grown 5mm, and the head angle has slackened 1 degree to sit at 65.5 degrees. These changes, partnered with the new mullet wheel setup, ensure that the Spectral:On remains a lively trail bike. This bike isn’t supposed to be a full-on enduro slayer; it was created to be enjoyable on all-day epics and on any trail.

There are five models of the Spectral:On ranging from $9,149 to a whopping $18,199. At the top level, you receive the best equipment possible to put on a bike. SRAM’s AXS Dropper and Rear mech remove annoying cables. Suspension duties are taken care of by RockShox’s all-new intuitive Flight Attendant Lyrik Ultimate forks and Super Deluxe shock. To top it off are a set of DT Swiss carbon wheels. The CFR Limited is the Rolls Royce when it comes to MTB technology. 

Suppose you are after a workhorse and are on a budget (of sorts). In that case, the CF7 features a Shimano XT drivetrain, a RockShox Lyrik/Delux Select suspension package and E-MTB-specific Race Face ARC wheels. While it doesn’t feature all the beep boop parts of the Limited, we guarantee it will still put a massive smile on your dial as you shred. Check out Canyon’s website for the entire model run-down. [R]