Jordie Lunn gets Rough AF for the second time. And it’s gnarly…

Jordie Lunn hails from the incredibly beautiful part of the world we know (and love) as Vancouver Island. It’s remote beauty is only put into perspective by just how gnarly the terrain and weather can be. With a vision for some burly lines, plus the balls and skills to see it through to the lander, Jordie sends some epic lines for both this edit and the lens of the one and only Sterling Lorene. Jordie, we salute you!

The build for Rough AF 2 was much more ambitious than the first! About five months of hard digging, cutting and wondering how each line would ride. There were definitely a few stunts that had me second guessing myself! It was a super fun project, and everything rode quite well in the end. I was pumped for Kali’s support on this build and for sending Sterling Lorence over! It had been quite a few years since we’ve shot together, so I was pretty excited to show him what I’d been working on. On to the next build now!”

Jordie Lunn