Lockdown Rampage with Brendan Fairclough

While we’re seeing easing of restrictions in this part of the world, spare a thought for those in Europe and the UK, who’s lives have been is serious lock down for seemingly ever while a microscopic virus plays havoc with our ‘advanced society’. It’s times like these that the creative minds shine. Those with the ability to find epic in the mundane. One such soul is the one and only Brendan Fairclough. Easily one of MTB’s most stylin riders who knows how to make something out of nothing. Be it speed on a WC DH track, effortless style over Loosefest size jumps or a Rampage style set up in his backyard. Actually thinking BDogs house set up is waaaay better than Fabio Wibmers! Check his the three episodes he’s done so far and get stoked!

“We are getting up to all sorts of mischief now with this quarantine going on and on. This week the roof of my house turns in to a mountain bike skate park quarter pipe. I suck at BMX and skateparks so this wasn’t easy for me but had so much fun filming it. As always biking is keeping us sane whether it’s at home or out in the woods. Wow I love bikes. Thanks for watching, and Ep4 is coming soon and its the best one yet!”

– Brendan Fairclough