A match made in the dirt

Jill and Bryn rock. Simple and plain. Aside their phenomenal individual achievements and skills on their respective bicycles, their long time friendship come partnership that evolved into marriage is truly unique. Maybe the old phrase ‘the family that rides together, stays together’ isn’t so old, these guys exemplify it! And while both have graced the tracks and podiums of the world at the highest level, both still revel in the pure goodness that is riding, whatever the terrain. The crew at Fabric took them in the mountains of Wales for a shred at a local bike park (that looks like an epic day out) and captured a little insight into what makes these two tick. All I can say is that if you ever get a chance to roll with either of these two, or better yet both of them, you’ll come away stoked on life, riding and more. Take this as a little inspiration for your Monday.