The for third year running, McKayos will be returning to the slopes on Saturday, 23rd September. 

Picture a snow-capped mountain top – the highest point in the hemisphere you can get on 4 wheels. 23km away, picture a pub on the shores of a beautiful alpine lake.  In between you have a ski resort, Alpine National Park and some of the country’s best single-track.

Now picture bombing this with 250 other pinners all taking off in a mass start or a 1750m total descent that’s the Chaos part.

2015 was an epic start for a big idea – to see what happens when we mix mountain biking and snow. It worked. 2016 was bigger and badder than before, but it reminded us that life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops (it’s sometimes cold & a white-out).  In 2017 McKayos is back with a vengeance in Australia’s only Snow – Dirt – Road bash.

We brought in single-track last year the riders loved it, so we’re going to add a bit more.  Once the snow descent is over Summit Home Trail, Discharge and Packhorse will take you through almost 7km of our MTB trails.  We would love to throw Flowtown in there but we’re going to look after everyone’s favourite ride so that its cherry ripe come November.

 For the rest we’ve kept the mountain, we’ve kept the river crossing and we’ve kept the scenery.  Most importantly we’ve kept the awesome spirit in which this event was started – a group of riders getting together to shred the Alps then share a beer afterwards.

Join the Chaos this September…

 ‘Super excited to race McKayos again this year.  Its such a unique event on the Australian MTB calendar.  This year is looking even more exciting with deeper snow covering Falls Creeks.  The excitement at the top is something you need to experience’ 

Paul van der Ploeg. 


·        Single Gravity Enduro mountain bike stage

·        Single mass start on snow

·        23km course – including 7km of single track

·        $1.5k cash prize pool

·        Entries open to Individual competitors

·        $95 per rider, including lift access, day resort entry and return shuttle

·        The event will be timed

·        Winning awards presentations at Bogong Village after last riders has finished

·        Competitors will be shuttled back to Falls Creek upon finishing the stage

·        Full face helmets are mandatory 

For further information please visit