Must watch: ACT.II with Brandon Semenuk

Revel Co. just dropped their latest creative genius onto us, the edit hungry masses. ACT.II is Brandon Semenuk back to his roots on a slope bike, in his back yard. Which, when you think about it is straight up epic even before you press play.

Rupert Walker seems to be delving into the film stock alongside Brandon’s use of stills film. Funny side note, when shooting for Process Black with Brandon, he asked me why I was shooting film and what was with the other two cameras that weren’t digi. All comes around in the end…

Back to the story thou, ACT.II is some pretty amazing riding with a feel that only Revel Co. seem to create. Is it Brandon’s riding? Ruperts cinematic direction? Or the well throughout soundtrack? You be the judge. Whatever the case, the combination is defining MTB video production right now… And I doubt i’ll ever see an X-up can as good as what I just saw.

So, now I’ve watched this a few times, I ask myself why doesn’t Brandon compete in slopestyle anymore….