It’s a common thread. Rock up to a trail head or shuttle point and hear people bitching and moaning about their ride. Not new enough, light enough, fast enough, cool enough, etc, etc. Especially if their riding is lacking compared to their letting you know how it is in (their) reality. Anyway, this little edit will put all your complaints into perspective. Epic in so many ways. And reminiscent of a few Inside Line races back in the mid 90’s, where more than few cats rode 10-speed racers or ladies step thru rides in DH races against the fastest SA could muster. And lets just say there’s been a few fast dudes from SA even before Brosnon and Fearon… Yes. Good times on two wheels. Whatever they are. Fabio Wibmer, we salute you for shredding Austria’s finest on a bike punching far above it’s weight!