Fox Racing have some history in full length MTB productions, the legendary Chainsmoke immediately comes to mind! So it’s pretty rad news to hear that they’re announcing their first full length MTB movie in over a decade: “Ride Your F#%king Bike – The Movie. Powered by Chainsaw.” Featuring Fox athletes Josh Bryceland, Josh Lewis, Kirt Voreis and other Fox teammates, the movie documents three weeks on the road with a wild crew (thats putting it mildly…) up for anything. Filming kicked off at Fox Headquarters and continued north through Oregon and Washington before crossing the Canadian border and reaching Vancouver Island, all epic places to ride, live life the full and be merry.

The basic premise of the movie is about having fun and riding bikes with your friends. Whether it is trail, DH, park or street, this crew of derelicts shows how to have a good time and cause a bit of chaos at every stop on the trip. Kinda reminiscent of old BMX road trip vids if you ask me, and that ain’t a bad thing.

“Filming the movie was a great experience intended to strip back the sport and get down to the core of riding bikes. It’s all in the title, ‘Ride Your F#%king Bike’ and the hope is that this will inspire people to just have a good time riding.” Mike Redding, MTB Sports Marketing

The movie is dedicated to Stevie Smith, A.K.A. Chainsaw, the World Cup champion who unexpectedly passed away in May 2016.

Available for live streaming on FoxRacing.com beginning Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 We’ll see you there (or looking at your phone/computer/tv).