A Fly On The Wall | Baxter Maiwald @ 2022 DH National Champs

In a sport where tenths of seconds separate victory and a mid-pack result, a race weekend – and everything leading up to that ‘go time’ – is everything.

The mind needs singular focus and dodged determination – an edge – to reach that perfect race run. The body, obedient, needs to be rested and ready to race. Surrounding the racer is his support group – the mates there for the banter, to help laugh off nerves, talk race lines and strategy and fine-tune the bike to perfection.

My name is Baxter Maiwald and, with a fifth and fourth result in 2020 and 2021 for National Champs, my eyes are fixed on stepping up to the top podium.

Partnering with FOX Racing Australia, join Baxter and the crew as they take you on the journey that was his 2022 National Championships week in Maydena, Tasmania. Instead of watching a highlights reel, enjoy the week as a fly on the wall and be ready to be blown away.