Fox reveal their new Pro Frame helmet!

A helmet with all the benefits of a full face, but with the same breathability of an open face lid? Yes! Enter Fox Racing’s all new Pro Frame.

Fox has reached into the future with their all-new Pro Frame helmet. Designed to seamlessly blend the worlds of protection and breathability, the Proframe ushers in a new era of confidence inspiring performance for the All Mountain trail rider. Oh, and you bet every Pro Frame helmet features the bench-mark premium safety, MIPS™ Multi-Directional Impact Protection System! Crazy light, crazy breathable, and crazy safe = Fox Pro Frame!

It’s hard to explain just how light this helmet feels (okay it’s 750grams so I guess it isn’t that hard to explain) but what I mean by that is when you first see the helmet your brain thinks ‘full face MTB lid’ and so then when you go to pick it up for the first time you almost launch it up at roof by accident because your brain has sent a message to your arms that they’re about to pick up a couple of kilos! The Pro Frame is LIIIIIIIIIGHT indeed. And then when you put the helmet on, that sense, or feeling, of light weight gets taken to a whole new height. If you closed you’re eyes you’d honestly believe that you were wearing a standard open face helmet.

“Our downhill DNA sparked the creation of our first ever All Mountain focused full-face helmet. Over 2 years in the development process, the Pro Frame has been tested and proven by our elite team of Mountain Bike athletes. You’ll see it showcased in our upcoming full-length movie and throughout the year in races all over the world. We are excited to launch such an amazing new product, which brings the Iconic Fox attitude and aggressiveness to the world of trail riding”

Mike Redding // Fox MTB Global Sports Marketing

One of the key features of the helmet is the hybrid performance of the patent pending Fox integrated chin bar. This offers certified downhill level protection while maintaining nearly open face airflow, lightweight climbing breathability, and full-face protection for aggressive descending.

We bloody LOVE the Pro Frame’s magnetic ‘Fidlock Snap’ buckle! It allows you to release, or fasten the buckle with a single hand. Essentially at the end of each chin strap is a plastic fastener, similar in shape to a traditional buckle, but the unique thing about the ‘Fidlock Snap’ design is that housed within each buckle is a magnet, and so when the two ends are moved close to each other they automatically snap into place. And, it’s unique design also ensures maximum security once the buckle has ‘clicked’. Rad!

“The new Pro Frame helmet is very impressive straight out of the box! And with a variety of colour ways and padding options, was designed to suit many. The innovative, slick design is breathable when pedalling up hill, yet offers the protection of a full face upon descending. Not only this, but the Pro Frame is extremely light; providing you with the feeling of wearing an open face. Overall I was super stoked with the Pro Frame and am looking forward to rocking one of them this season.”

Tegan Molloy // Fox Racing Australia Pro Rider

Interestingly the Pro Frame’s visor is fixed in position (non-adjustable). The reason being is that by fixing the visor, Fox have been able to ensure the absolute maximum amount of airflow will always pour into the helmets ‘Big Bore’ frontal vents.

The Pro Frame features Fox’s proven Varizorb multi-density EPS foam and 24 strategically placed vents allowing for maxium airflow and air channeling.  So the Pro Frame isn’t just one of lightest full-face helmets on the market, it’s also one of the safest.

“The new Fox Pro Frame helmet, in short, looks so sick! Before I rode in it I was for sure skeptical about pedalling uphill in a full face, but then we hit the trails and it performed unreal. It’s so light weight and it packs 20+ air vents and so pedalling up felt not hotter than an open face yet with the security of a full face once the trail pointed downhill.”

Baxter Maiwald // Fox Racing Australia Pro Rider

Fox Pro Frame Helmet

Price // $379.95 (Australian RRP)

Weight // 750grams

Australian Standard // Yes!

Distributor // Monza Imports

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