The Giant/Liv ‘Faith’ range is custom made for young shredders! 

Why should only adults get to ride ‘real’ mountain bikes? The all-new Faith models utilising each brands market leading MTB platforms, only each bike has been designed and developed specifically youth (smaller, lighter) riders providing them with the ultimate bike to shred out on the trails.

Not only does each model feature a high-end aluminium frame, Giant / Liv even tailored the components spec exclusively to suit mini humans which includes purpose built forks, shocks, wheels and dropper seat posts. Literally every detail on these bikes has been carefully considered for developing young riders.

Here in Australia the Faith line-up will be offered in 4 models; 2 from Giant and 2 from Liv. The ‘Faith’ model features a mullet wheel set-up with a 27.5-inch front wheel and 26-inch rear. And the smaller ‘Faith 24’ model, as you might guess, is equipped with 24-inch TRA wheels front and rear for lighter weight and easier handling. 

All Faith models have youth-specific cranks and brake levers, along with new Contact Switch AT Lite dropper seatposts that helps younger riders find their optimal climbing and descending positions with easy-to-use, handlebar-mounted levers. 

All Faith bikes feature FlexPoint rear suspension systems with a Crest FloTrac Lite shock. This linkage-driven, single-pivot system creates consistent damping and spring performance throughout its travel, isolating the rear shock to provide small bump sensitivity through the entire wheel path. The result is a smooth, active feel through the entire shock stroke with no harsh bottom outs.

The Crest FloTrac Lite Shock is designed and built in-house to complement Giants suspension platform kinematics for lightweight riders. Custom tuning creates a responsive damping and spring that requires less force input. Paired with Triple Flow Path technology that actively stabilizes the motion of the shock, Crest FloTrac Lite gives smaller riders increased traction and control without compromise.

Out back, the Crest TR Elite Lite and Crest SL FloTune Lite forks are made to bring high-performance suspension to lighter weight riders. Low-friction action and the latest Giant FloTune Lite damper combine for responsive control on rugged terrain. In addition, all Faith models feature Unified Suspension Setup, a guide that’s displayed on the forks indicating optimal air pressure and damper setting recommendations for both the rear shock and the fork based on rider weight. 

The Faith series has 135mm of smooth rear travel paired with a 140mm Crest SL FloTune Lite fork, both tuned specifically for riders weighing under 62kg. The Faith 24 series has 130mm of rear travel and is paired with a 140mm Crest TR Elite Lite Fork, both tuned for riders weighing under 46kg. 

A high-performance ALUXX SL aluminum frameset with youth-specific trail geometry is combined with quality lightweight components to minimize weight and give kids greater control. The result is a bike that’s easier to maneuver on technical terrain. 

New youth-specific TRA WheelSystems borrow key technologies from the proven adult TRA WheelSystem for improved climbing capabilities and quicker acceleration. Alloy rims with hollow construction 5mm rim walls bolster impact protection while minimizing weight, allowing for better maneuverability and suspension performance. On the rear wheel, a durable 72-tooth freehub helps maximize power transfer for quicker acceleration. 

Giant have even tailed the wheels on each of these bikes specifically for youth riders. They feature a something called ‘WideGuard’ technology which is used to create lighter, stronger rims that allow for lower tire pressures and better traction without the risk of tire punctures or rim damage. 

The mixed-wheel setup on the Faith combines the agile handling of the 26-inch rear wheel with the improved rollover capabilities of the 27.5-inch front, while smaller-diameter wheels on the Faith 24 reduce weight, improve handling, and make it easier for young riders to maneuver and ride with confidence.

The Contact Switch AT Lite dropper seatpost has a lower-pressure cartridge that makes it easier to engage the lever and requires less weight to lower the saddle in steep, technical trail conditions. With adjustable travel settings and an innovative rotating cable actuator for installation on smaller frames, it’s an easy-to-use setup that gives young riders maximum control on variable terrain. 

All 4 models in the new Faith range retail for $3599 and they’re available right now at Giant and Liv dealers across Oz. As always, for more info about the rad new Faith range check out: