Sven Martin

The legend that is Ratboy….

We’re pretty lucky down here in Australia. See, we’ve got a hoard of Aussie riders to cheer on this coming WC season. But if you lived anywhere else in the world you’d be wondering why even bother watching right? Ratboy ain’t racing WC DH this year. WTF I Hear you cry? Yep, all was revealed in a long as ‘fook’ interview by the crew at 50/01 with Josh about his plans for 2017 along with a bunch of funny questions and even funnier answers. Scrub through to 16:29 to get to the point if you ain’t got all day.

‘Ride more, just be chill, repeat’ was the general gist of the matter. A recipe for a good life if you can make it work. A few enduro races and Crankworks events, I dare say a ton of edits and feature parts in the making and interviews galore. His sponsors will probably get more coverage with him out shredding than the 2 and a half minutes of live coverage. Whatever the case, Ratboy is a legend in the making who’s making his fair share of big, moral decisions regarding sponsors over personal choices and what comes next is anyones guess. Well, bar the fact that we know he’ll be having a ball!

So, on that, we figured we might just re-run the ‘raw-as-fool’ interview (hand written on a flight home) we did with him a few issues back right here online (damn, typed and scrawled stuff photocopied is a refreshing break from HD graphics!) along with some epic photos to make sure you know just how cool this dude is both on and off the bike.

Thanks to Sven Martin for all the photos.

Excuse Ratboy’s handwriting and spelling if you will. See those Bic pens ain’t got no auto-correct in their yellow tubes just yet. And this was a piece from last year, so subtract 1 year from it! Sorted? Good. Read on!

Interview with the Rat.