Transition brings the party to the 120mm XC world!

All country. It’s a thing. Transition just defined it with their new Spur. We’ve been riding one for the last month and here’s our first thoughts!

Photos + edit // Matt Staggs

Giddy up cowboy, Transition Bikes have added a brand-new bike into their already (ultra sweet) line-up called the Spur. Delving into a category Transition haven’t been before… XC! Although in classic Tranny style the brand isn’t calling it ‘XC’, they’re calling it ‘flannelette-wearing-beer-drinking-post-ride XC!’ 120mm front and rear, SBG geometry, ‘Flex-pivot’ which basically means one less pivot from their regular/current frame designs, full carbon frame, 29’er exclusive, shreeeeeeeeeeeding little trail bike anyone?

“This bike is a ton of fun to ride. And it’s also unlike anything we’ve ridden from Transition before. The new Spur could be considered the new thoroughbred greyhound in their fleet of new whips. With it’s cool fast sleek lines made and marketed for the Trail/XC crowd make no mistake people, this ain’t your average XC whip. With all the modern Geo this light weight race machine Transition Bikes have still managed to pack in plenty of Mongrel.’ There will be smiles for miles with this new bike and based on our first impressions we are chomping at the bit to spend more time on the trails aboard the Spur.”

– [R]evolution’s test team

Here’s the official word from Transition HQ:

The Spur features a full carbon frame made from premium Japanese Toray fiber with a tailored blend of 24T, 30T and 40T materials to create the right balance of frame stiffness, strength, and impact toughness. Our unique latex coated EPS molding process allows for sharper frame lines and tighter edge radius control with maximum strength to weight ratio and less wasted material.

With nearly 30% of progression and a consistent linear rate of change, the Spur has an excellent balance of support and small bump sensitivity. Anti-squat is tuned to enhance pedaling performance and acceleration but doesn’t get in the way of the suspension working when it’s needed.

The GiddyUp suspension, featuring a one-piece flex stay rear triangle, is tuned to work correctly with inline style rear shocks and designed to provide a balanced feel with 120mm travel forks. Riders are able to add or remove volume spacers in the rear shock to suit their individual riding style and there is plenty of bottom out control for when things get rowdy. The Spur has 120mm of rear wheel travel when used with the supplied 190mm x 45mm stroke shock. It is also possible to install a shorter, 190mm x 37.5mm stroke shock to reduce the rear wheel travel to 100mm if you are after a shorter travel experience.

A wide usable sag range of 25 – 35% allows the rider to tune the feel of the bike; from firm and snappy, to more supple and active. Wherever you end up, you can focus on the trail without remotes, levers or knobs. Just grab your bike and GiddyUp.

Dropper posts keep getting longer so we combine short seat tube lengths with mega seatpost insertion to help get your saddle completely out of the way. Complete bikes come with long travel dropper posts; SM 120mm, MD 150mm, LG 180mm XL 210mm.

[R]evolution has scored the Aussie exclusive ‘first test’ of this little bag of fun. That said, our bike only just arrived at the office so haven’t had a ton of time to get ride it yet. Sooooo, keep an eye out up here for a legit ‘first impressions’ review in the coming weeks.

To check out the full Spur range, including pricing and specs, head over to