A Racers’ Process

The goals for just about every competitive mountain biker are similar; compete to one’s potential, succeed in competition, and continue to improve.

This video series delves into the minds and days of the both the riders and their coach. With racing happening soon on these shores, we’re sure more than a few of you are putting in the work to make this summers results are aligned with your goals. Which makes this a well worthy watch for all you aspiring podium getters.

Episode 1 explores the reality behind the 2020 race season, coach Joel Harwood of Blueprint Athlete Development and the Blueprint team. COVID-19 stepped in with something to say about how those plans panned out… As a team, however, everyone continued to train, though at a lower output than if they were heading to the races—the timing is perfect to get back to basics.

Episode 2 is one many of us can relate to.

“During any race season, there will always be an element of adversity that rolls into a racers’ path. It can crop any number of ways, whether in their training, at an event, or life making either difficult. To perform well, racers benefit from being adaptable in how they deal with the unforeseen circumstances that can and inevitably will come their way.

2020 has seen every racer regardless of how well they prepared during the off-season have to switch things up and deal with a global change thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. The virus has delayed the season start, which now looks set to begin when most are wrapping up, and forced everyone to adapt.

For the young group of racers in the Blueprint Racing team, this is a big learning process. We take a glimpse into what the team is doing and how they’re turning the pandemic into a positive with Kelowna rider, Emmett Hancock.”

– North Shore Billet

Photo // Niall Pinder