Brage Vestavik brings his brutal style to Marzocchi

After a long winter in hibernation, and now fully recovered from his time off after Rampage, our favourite Norwegian Brage Vestavik is back to stacking clips with Blur Media in the depths of Norway.

I feel honored to be working with such an iconic brand! After a long winter of shoulder rehab and digging deep in the woods for some future projects, it was good to finally be back on the bike and stack clips with Blur again. It’s always exciting to shoot in Norway at that time of the year. We really had to spend some time to scope and find new natural lines in different areas where things weren’t frozen. It was fun to go for a lot of raw stuff, remove some leaves and make it work. «NÅ» is all about going out there and doing it! Find the possibilities that are hidden in plain sight!”

– Brage Vestavik