Watch // Brage Vestavik rides Chilies steeps in the heaviest MTB edit we’ve seen for a long, long time…

Brage Vestavik brings some of the heaviest lines from the deserts of Northern Chile to our screens in what is one of the toughest edits we’ve seen for along time.

Bringing back memories of early NWD and the likes of Bearclaw sending big mountain lines in far away place, Sandscape Eternal is a journey that inspires a new generation of riders not content with manicured bike parks. Instead, keen to test their skills on raw and unforgiving landscapes. Keen to send it, at speed, with fury…. To have doom rockers Sleep absolutely crank the soundtrack to this mayhem is simply genius. Add Nico Vink to the party and we have a masterpiece!

It felt like we took it back to the basics, just getting in the truck and driving into the mountains looking for fresh lines to ride every day. It was really humbling being in such terrain – some of the best feelings I’ve had on my bike and I only feel like we are getting started! To also spend time with the legend Nico Vink in this place was incredible. It was really cool to have the support from such an OG brand like SDG for a project like this. Huge thanks also to Bastian, the Roca Park boss, and his family.”

Brage Vestavik