Matt Staggs

Cairns World Champions Crowned!

A disappointing day for the Aussies coming so damn close once again.

The hometown hopes of a Hannah duo victory were shattered by a wash out and a French man.

In the Juniors

Ellie Smith enjoyed her first every international race to take 5th place in the women.
Harry Parsons went down hard in practice and had to pull the pin on racing after aggravating a previous shoulder injury.

Patrick Butler losing the front wheel and going down hard, bouncing up and jumping on straight away but knew it was all over.

Bryce Heathcote got a re-run to slot into 31st after the rider in front went down.

Josh Clark with a silly mistake taking out some banners on the side of the track pulling him off his 2nd place seeding time and back into 14th ahead of Darcy Coutts, Baxter Maiwald and Matt Carter in 11th through 13th respectively.

Fastest Aussie junior today was Victorian Benjamin Zwar on a good run.

Junior Results


Tracey was on a flying run but got taken out by a dusty off camber corner early in the run. Having a good lay down before regaining composition and getting back on it, coming in just 1.9 seconds off the pace. Danielle Beecroft’s elbow has taken a lot longer to heal than expected, but she’s back with a fifth today. Sian A’hern couldn’t be happier with a ninth place at her first Elite race after taking the junior series last year and then being injured for a number of months earlier this year.

Womens Results

The men

With Sam Hill being first out of the start gate, everyone knew he would put down a solid run and be sitting in the hot seat for quite a while even on an enduro bike. It took a long time for him to be nudged out once Mick Hannah took to his home track. Aussies claimed four of the top six spots, unfortunately just missing the top step by the slightest of margins. Shark Attack Jack and Troy Brosnan were right up there but couldn’t claim the brutal pedal to the finish leaving it all for the French man, Loic Bruni to take the honours for the second time. All we can wait for now is for next year’s season to start and to see if our Australians can be on the top step once again. Let the team rumours begin!

Mens Results

2017 World Champions:

Elite Men Loic Bruni

Elite Women Miranda Miller

Junior Men Matt Walker

Junior Women Melanie Chappaz

Words and photos // Matt Staggs