Casey Brown’s way of the wildcard

You haven’t experienced small-town living until you’re the only family around, with an eight-hour hike between you and the nearest road. That’s exactly how Casey Brown, one of the most stylin female riders in the world, grew up. 

With three siblings and miles of forest to explore, Casey’s unique upbringing is the main reason why she ended up loving adventure so much. “Everything you do is character-building. You learn to trust your instincts, your imagination is completely free,” she explains. These qualities translate well to being a professional mountain biker, a dream Casey has had since she was little.

“What I want to see myself do is push the edges of the sport

However, it hasn’t been an easy journey from the secluded village to the Crankworx World Tour. Casey had to battle through the loss of a close family member at a young age, and countless injuries throughout the years, a by-product of competitive racing. We’ll just say that she shreds the hell out of everything she rides nowadays!