Christchurch Adventure Park safe from the bushfires

We’ve been feeling for the crew in Christchurch, with massive fires rolling through the Port Hills district threatening lives and property, including the the new Adventure Park. A city thats had their fare share of natural disasters to say the least. So stoked to hear this morning that the Adventure Park Village and Base Station are still ok and that the chair is still running after fires sweeping through a lot of the park yesterday. Massive respect to all the firefighters including the pilot who lost his life saving not only the park, but many lives and houses in the hills in what sounds like the biggest fires Chch has ever seen. We’re stoked that one of our favourite places to shred in NZ is going to still be there (ben though it’s only been there a few months) and no doubt even better when we return. The resilience, resolve and positive direction the people of Christchurch showcase everyday is something to be inspired by. Lock a trip in to ride their epic park ASAP, you won’t be disappointed. For more details hit up their site: