How to: Manual with Wyn Masters and Brook MacDonald

If there’s one thing many riders struggle to master, it’s the manual. No matter how long you’ve been doing them, or trying to do them, there’s some days that they feel like you’re getting them, then the next you can’t keep it up if you tried… That said, once you find the balance point and relax into it, man, there’s nothing like it, they just flow… And it’s not just for bombing the hills home from the trails to impress onlookers, the manual is one of the best trail skills to keep you floating through rough terrain and holding speed into sections. If there ever was a teacher capable of passing on the true knowledge, it is of course the irrepressible Wyn Masters, the man behind¬†Instagram’s #wheeliewednesday…

Put on a helmet and lower your seat

> Find a gradual, downward slope

> Cover the back brake

> Lean back, find the balance point, and lock your arms

> If the front wheel starts to drop, thrust inwards with your hips…