Images for DH V4.2 29 with Amaury Pierron

Commencal release their 29er Supreme DH

With a solid season testing on World Cup tracks, Commencal have lifted the lid on their 29er DH platform…

Commencal are now offering their proven 27.5 Supreme DH bike in the bigger wheel size for those of you over 6 foot tall. Whatever you thoughts on it, the 2017 World Cup season demonstrated how some riders on some tracks could benefit from the big wheels.

Amaury Pierron’s run at Val Di Sole showed the crew at Commencal that they were on the right track and the frame is now ready to be ridden by the masses. Commencal’s main objectives? More grip, more stability, more roll over and more speed thanks to some dialled geo and revised linkages.

The frame is offered as a Race Kit option (frame + shock + fork + wheels + chain guide) or as a complete bike which is slated to be available in February 2018.