Fingers Crossed: BMX x MTB Episode 1

With so many questions as to why, the obvious answer is because they can.

It’s not like this isn’t full circle anyway. Forget the idea that BMX is just emulating MTB. Some of the earliest BMX ideas ran suspension, based on the rapidly developing moto wave in the late 70’s. Triple clamp forks (albeit with pressed steel clamps), twin and mono shock rear ends, moto seats and more, even Repco here in Aus had a black and yellow moto-inspired rig. All with coaster brake of course…

So come 2020, the idea that a couple of the most influential BMX riders of the modern era have brought that idea back in a quest to keep pushing their boundaries ain’t so far fetched. We chose our own challenges. We chose to live our definition of what life is.

“13 years ago I had the opportunity to ride the bike park of Whistler with a mountain bike, I had so much fun but I was thinking all the time : I wish I could ride this on my bmx… After that I started to work on it but I couldn’t finish it right and left it in a side… until now… ”

Ruben Alcantara

Some epic insights into the project from Ruben,  Garrett Byrnes, Mike Bennett and Ari Cruz. Hanging to see more!