Fingers Crossed Ruben Alcantara’s dream comes to fruition!

With the endless wheel size debate raging between 27.5 and 29, it’s good to see a crew just shit on everyone with something so outside the box it makes me smile.

Bring together the ideas of two of the most influential riders in the BMX world to this day, arm them with the fabrication know how of another BMX legend and suddenly you have a project that oozes charm, style and straight up zero F’s given to the establishment.

FingersCrossedBMX is Ruben Alcantara’s Whistler experiences crossed with Garret Byrnes vision to shred anything brought together by master fabricator Ari Cruz to bring to life what looks like a throw back to the very beginnings of BMX. Full suspension 20inch rigs built to tackle the biggest of bike park lines….

Who knows where this will go? Why not 22inch wheels? How steep is that HA? What the f@%k is a GT Box Section rear doing welded to a 4130 front triangle? Who really cares? All I know is that I’m sat here watching two, actually, add in Kris Bennett, three of the greatest to send it on 20inch wheels tacking MTB terrain on 20inch bikes with suspension. I truly think there is hope for this planet!

Sweet FA details at present and some seriously sketchy looking fork adaptions that obviously work, but I gotta say, I have my fingers crossed to see more from this trio. Web series in the making by the looks? Followed by a brand?

“13 years ago I had the opportunity to ride the bike park of Whistler with a mountain bike, I had so much fun but I was thinking all the time : I wish I could ride this on my bmx… After that I started to work on it, but I couldn’t finish it right and left it to the side… Until now.. ”

– Ruben Alcantara