INTERPRET with Braydon Bringhurst is a MTB skills masterclass

With more and more manicured trails coming online as of late, some of us still crave the raw, haggard tracks we grew up shredding.

Add to this the ‘dumbing down’ of trail features thanks to incredible bike/suspension packages alongside some local maintenance crew intent on making sure anyone can ride rather than allowing for riders to progress, and MTB can feel a little homogenised.

Luckily nothing is stopping us looking at everything and simply reinterpreting the landscape around us. One dude that has had us stoked on that exact ability has been Braydon Bringhurst. His latest edit challenges mountain bikers to look at the trail differently. Inspiring riders to enjoy climbing and descending, Bringhurst will make you look at the mountain in a whole new way. Get some! #climbwithyaseatdown!