Watch Connection // A mini documentary on the Swedish MTB scene

While MTB seems to centre around the North American continent, we know full well that it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Both here and in far flung places from Tassie to Sweden.

Connection goes deep into the Swedish mountainbike scene, featuring six riders that have helped shape it into what it’s become today: Martin Söderström, Robin Wallner, Emil Johansson, Max Fredriksson, Simon Johansson and Zakarias Blom Johansen. They have shown that it is no longer a dream to go professional, but very much a reality.

The small scene has, despite long winters and barely any media coverage, exploded and produced some of the world’s most stylish riders in the past decade. And who better to tell its story than Niklas Wallner – a media squid who’s just as talented behind a camera as he is on a bike. Niklas has been on the scene since forever and knows it on a very personal level. Growing up in the midst of the Swedish bike scene and watching many of his friends make a career out of riding bikes has been the main inspiration for the documentary. He hopes their stories will keep inspiring generations to come.