Matt Jones watches himself loop the helix. // Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

Frames of Mind: Matt Jones gets wild!

When you have a vision, to have the ability to follow through on it always makes something damn special.

Matt Jones made dream spot came to life over six months thanks to the likes of Kye Forte and the visionary crew at Cut Media headed up by Stu Thomson who ain’t afraid of trying new ways of capturing our beloved MTB in action. His riding has stepped up so much with a whole NBD’s, that hip slide is nothing short of wild…. Kick back and watch the epicness!

“First time I tried the corkscrew, it was just me and a friend in the woods with no phones… After my mate landed upside down we decided to come back another time!”

“From where you ride into it, to where you come out, is 5 metres away, which is actually quite a lot. So we’ve been calling it a corkscrew instead of a loop.”

“I came up with the idea three years ago in the skatepark after I over-rotated a backflip and landed on a jumpbox.”

All photos // Fred Murray/Red Bull Content Pool