Mad Mike Whiddett & Kade Edwards at Red Bull Hardline in Dinas Mawydd, Wales on July 11th, 2023. // Dan Griffiths / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310200535 // Usage for editorial use only //

Can a truck send it down Hardline? Matt Jones x Mad Mike find out

OK, its Hardline hype all the way through til February in Tassie!

First up, would you send a stadium truck down the most difficult downhill mountain bike track in the world? Mad Mike figures its do-able in his insane Rumbull stadium truck! An insanely fast rig with a screaming rotary engine that ain’t scared of massive jumps. But can it beat the fastest downhill MTB riders in the world as they take to the Hardline course.

Enjoy the flame throwing rotary engine symphony and race to the finish! Legends.