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Giant are unleashing a new Trance X range for 2024

The benchmark of proven performance and trail versatility was already sky-high with the previous ‘gen Trance X line-up, so how did Giant manage to raise the bar even higher with the new 2024 version?

They’ve increased the bike’s suspension travel and given it even greater frame adjustability, plus there’s now the option to run either a mixed wheel ‘mullet’ set-up or 29” at each end. 

Of course, the ‘X’ in this bike’s name indicates that it is the radder more shreddier version to the brand standard Trance range. That being the case, the Trance X is definitely going to be a [R]evolution Mag style of bike and we were excited to see what Giant had managed to come up with when they sent out the press release ahead of the bike’s official launch. Let’s run through some of the tech highlights and points that we reckon you (hello dear reader!) will be most interested to know about. 

Now before we crack on it should be noted that the new range will be offered across Australia in 5 models: 3 specs featuring carbon frames which are identified by the ‘Advanced’ addition to their model name, and 2 specs featuring alloy frames which are simply labelled Trance X. Travel, geo, and features are mirrored between the carbon and alloy frames. And that even goes for the in frame storage compartment which you’ll find on the alloy models which is a first from Giant. 

Pricing for the range kicks off at $4699 for the base model alloy bike and the carbon models start at $7499, meaning the Trance X series represents unreal value for money which is something Giant have always been known as somewhat of class leaders in right across their vast range. 

Right at the start we mentioned that the new Trance X (range) has received a travel increase over the previous version, it now sports 140mm of rear suspension which is paired with a 150mm fork. As expected, the new Trance X uses the proven Maestro rear linkage design to produce it’s 140mm of travel. 

Lets talk wheel options – all Trance X models come with 29-inch front and rear wheels out of the box, however the new bike has also been designed to quickly convert to accommodate a 27.5” rear wheel for riders that prefer a mullet set-up. The stock 29” front and rear setup optimizes stability and roll-over speed, whilst converting to a mullet set-up is going to offer a snappier ‘more playful’ trail feel.

We saw ‘adjustable frame geometry’ introduced into the previous gen Trance X utilising a flip chip located in the rear linkage rocker, and this new version retains the same flip chip but then also adds another whole level of ‘DIY frame adjustment/customisation’ via a cleverly designed pair of headset cups allowing the rider to quickly/easily adjust reach and dial in your cockpit dimensions. Two different ‘chips’ set the headset/reach in either a -5mm (short), 0mm (mid), or +5mm (long) offset position. The modular system consists of two positioning chips (short/long and mid), which can be easily removed and swapped to achieve a short, mid or long reach, or in other words the 2024 Trance X boasts 10mm of reach adjustment. This is another first for Giant and it’s something that we’re stoked to see because we’ve experimented with similar reach adjustment systems on bikes from other brands and we believe it to be one of the most effective ways to ‘dial in’ a bike to suit your individual taste/preference. 

As we touched on earlier, all Trance X models now sport an integrated frame storage system allowing riders to stash plenty of gear safely inside the bike’s down tube. The storage compartment is accessed via a ‘door’.  Another neat feature with the new Trance X is that Giant have created built-in frame protection. A clear 3M protective strip on the underside of the head tube/down tube junction protects the frame when it’s loaded onto a shuttle vehicle. As well as that, each model comes stock with a cleverly designed rubber chainstay guides. 

Au. model pricing: 

Trance X Advanced 0

RRP $10,999

Trance X Advanced 1

RRP $9,499

Trance X Advanced 2


Trance X 1

RRP $5,499

Trance X 2

RRP $4,699

2024 Trance X ‘key details’ 

  • 140 mm travel rear, 150 mm fork
  • 29″ Wheels / 27.5″ for SX
  • Carbon or Alloy frame
  • 64.8° degree head tube angle
  • Geoimtry adjustment
  • Reach adjustment
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Weight (claimed) 13.7kg
  • Price from $4699 compete