Introducing the Meta Power SX: Commencal weren’t messing around this time!

Woah, what is that, is it an e-Bike? We’re guessing that is pretty much going to be the reaction you will get every time you are onboard the new Meta Power SX. This pretty little thing is almost indistinguishable from the standard naturally aspirated Meta.

Gone is that awkward looking ‘bolt on’ battery from the original generation Meta Power. This recently unveiled version looks far cleaner thanks to its ultra-smooth down tube, lack of cables up font, and the E8000 motor from Shimano tying in nicely with the rest of the design.

One of the biggest pros of alloy frames, in my opinion, is the fact they can be polished. It is impossible to mimic this polished metal look and distinct welding on a carbon frame. Commencal are known for committing to alloy due to their worries when it comes to carbon manufacturing, and they don’t hesitate to show off their favourite material. This silver partnered with SRAM Red is undoubtedly going to raise some eyebrows as you go past.

Commencal knows this bike is going to be charging hard down the mountains and they have spec’ed it accordingly. Upfront is Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate RC2 with a massive 180mm of travel. Handling traction duties outback is a Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate with their new red coil, and it’s like the Power SX is wearing a pair of 90’s Stillettos. It is not scientifically proven, but each red part is claimed to add 5w into the rider’s legs. The finishing kit is as you would expect on a bike like this with Codes and GX Eagle taking care of going faster or stopping. DT Swiss provided their burly and reliable H1900 wheels, so there is no worrying about those blowing up anytime soon. Keeping the power going to the ground are some big 2.5 Maxxis Assegai tyres, while not noted in the spec, the product photo does show a DD on the back, ready for business.

Now if you haven’t guessed already this bike is made to go down anything placed in front of you.

The geometry reflects this with a 64 degree head angle, long wheelbase, and a well balanced 444mm long chainstay. With a reach of 485 on a size large, I am happy that the chainstays are a bit longer because this will lead to a balanced ride feel. Obviously, being an E-Bike, the Power SX is going to be aimed uphill as well. To provide a comfortable climbing position, they have given the bike a 77 degree seat angle that will keep your weight forward and ease keeping the front wheel on the ground.

Lastly, this is worth a small mention but, as many of you may not know Commencal is a very environmentally focused company. As part of their e-Bike involvement the brand has established a really good program in collaboration with Shimano which provides recycling service for used/spent e-Bike batteries. How it works is that for every Power SX sold Commencal will contribute 7 euro, through Shimano France to Corepile, a battery recycling initiative. Also when your battery dies (in 10-15 years) send it back to Commencal, and they will send it to recycling. Currently the service is only offered across Europe, not down here in Oz. However we do know that Shimano Australia are actively looking way of running similar programs to support recycling initiatives – great work guys! 

All in all, the Power SX is going to be a super tough plough machine ready for anything. It truly is a bike that will want to go as fast as the rider can go before grabbing the skid levers. The balanced geometry will provide a stable yet active bike ready to ride over literally anything in its path. This bike is a bike for those who want to charge hard and look damn sexy while doing so.