Kilian Bron knows when he needs to take some time out to plan a mission.

Be it for the adventure, or for mental health and that knowledge we are in control of our lives. In this episode of ‘Kilian goes to the most epic places on the planet earth and rides the hell out of them’, he teams up with Jérôme Clémentz to explore the Faroe Islands. Never heard of them as a MTB destination? Me neither, but its looking like one amazing place. We’re thinking we may be in the wrong line of work right about now….

MISSION, noun.


Task given to someone to accomplish something or to do something. We gave him a mission. Synonyms: mandate

“I dedicate almost my entire season to these famous missions. Setting specific goals for myself every time I am on the bike is part of my daily life and it is by far the most motivating thing for me, beyond my racing program.

I have always liked to get off the beaten track by exploring further than my usual trails and peaks. After riding the highest dune in the world, a volcano over 6000 meters high in Peru, the Namibian deserts in Africa, or the heart of the Dolomites in Italy, it was time to add something to these various adventures. Until now, we focused on the diversity of the spots, the way of filming or, for the most purist, the way of riding. But there was no notion of exchange… We are fortunate to travel to the four corners of the globe and it is often difficult to tell after the fact about all the different moments of life and experiences that each destination offers.

It’s not just riding a bike in unlikely places. Through all these videos and photos, we transmit a tiny percentage of what we really experience. Talking about my travels with my family and close friends opened my eyes to this subject. My conclusion is simple, it is not possible to experience the trip other than living it.

Today, go to the Faroe Islands (not Fiji, which may be the subject of another trip). Located halfway between Iceland and Norway, they are among the few islands that are still almost untouched, with a harsh and unpredictable climate. This was the main selection criterion for the shooting of this sixth episode. We were looking for a remote place, which does not attract tourists in mass but which is full of magnificent and atypical places. I am not talking about spots and tracks built with mechanical shovels, but rather huge green and hilly areas, broken by steep cliffs from one end to the other.

There are almost no trails. Except for a few traces taken by the sheep, all the islands have kept their natural charm.”

Killian Bron