Go Cross Countries with Kilian Bron

In his new edit “Cross Countries” Kilian goes on another tour, this time on some of the most beautiful North American trails.

From the roots of mountain biking in the USA, to the dense Canadian forests and rock slabs of British Columbia, the best spots are all on show. Behind the handlebars of his T.E.M.P.O. our brand new ultra efficient and super reactive trail bike, he just goes on and on!

The steep chutes of Sedona, Squamish Jurassic Five, bike-life in NYC, the Pemberton train gap, slick rock in Moab or a Honolulu ridge line… Kilian boarder hops (Cross Countries) in the most beautiful way, as he moves towards a new chapter in his riding life with redesigned video format ideas, so that you are evermore immersed in his extraordinary adventures in the future.

I don’t define myself as an endurist, nor as a downhiller or a freerider. I’m just a mountain biker who expresses himself with his favourite bike. The one on which I can venture into all areas and places unknown. In this case, crossing the USA and part of Canada with my very personal vision of trail riding… Which turned into Cross Countries!“

Kilian Bron