Nico Vink Rides Bellingham with Transition Bikes // Spoiler: It’s rad!

When Nico Vink comes to town, you don’t miss the opportunity to see him work his magic on every local trail possible.

It seems like every time he visits, he stays in Bellingham for at least a month. Whether it’s helping with local events or playing incognito sales person at the Outpost, he is a true part of the Transition family and everyone gets excited when they hear Nico is coming to town. And why not, his skills on the trails and creating them have become TB legend….

It doesn’t get any better. It’s just super rad to be part of a company that’s all about riding bikes and fully gets it. Every single time I’ve been visiting Bellingham I get the opportunity to ride with the Transition crew on some of the sickest trails I’ve ever ridden.

Nico Vink