Norco’s latest design is raising eyebrows indeed!

Get this, one morning, a few weeks back, my phone rang. I looked down and saw ‘Bryn’ written on the screen. I answered. But all I heard was silence for a good few seconds. Then, I finally hear a hesitant, softly spoken, “dude, I’ve become a 29’er guy!” It turns out he’d just gotten back from the Norco launch where he’d spent a week ripping trails on their brand new ‘Optic’ 29er. Now a rider like Bryn who loves to get as wild as possible when he rides, railing corners with his bars sliding along the ground, things like that, is never going to enjoy riding a 29’er. But, the new Optic has changed all that. He reckons it’s his new favourite bike and that he’s quicker on it than his previous 650b machines! If you go and check out it sure does sound like a promising package. Looking forward to taking one for a ride in the near future. And who knows, maybe I’ll become a 29’er convert too?

Photo // Bryn Atkinson