Polygon UR at Lourdes World Cup

Polygon UR had an incredible opening round of word cup racing with a huge win for Alexandre Fayolle alongside Tracey Hannah coming so close to toppling Rachel Athertons unbeaten streak. Their epic feel good edit following their time in Lourdes is something special.

With a stacked field of hometown favourites, Lourdes was hyped to be a showdown between Loic Bruni and Loris Vergier especially after qualifying. Of course anything can happen in racing and in this case definitely did. Not that the mental French crowd would have changed the result for the world. And don’t just think it was the weather that fortuitously played into Alexandre Fayolle’s hands, his speed as of late has been on the pace. Case in point, his winning run was .1 of a second behind Vegiers qualifying run that saw him fastest, in perfect conditions. Anyone note his rear shock with bar activated lock out? Apparently it was locked out for a bunch of sections….

In a race dominated by hype about 29ers, was this the quiet achiever?

Tracey had an incredible weekend, looking so composed and fast on what was to be a very tough track. Her time so close to making the top spot, a place held onto tightly by Rachel Atherton. We figure 2017 is Tracey’s year to take the tipster, and if she keeps pushing as hard as she is now, maybe it’ll be in Cairns at the World Champs! As for bigger bro, we’re always stoked to see Mick shredding and throwing suicides off anything on the track!

Watch and learn a little more about the teams weekend, definitely a good watch. Feels good to be number one by the looks!